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SVF Stainless Vertical Firetube (1000 MBH)

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The SVF boiler streamlines set-up and installation, saving time, labor and money. Guarding against wear and tear with its corrosion resistant and durable materials, Weil-McLain’s new Stainless Vertical Firetube boiler delivers energy efficiency and reliability. A leading-edge addition to our commercial boiler portfolio, it meets all standard bid specs for new construction.

Solutions That Matter

1000 MBH stainless steel, fire tube boiler for light commercial and large heating applications.

Easier with contractor-friendly design to include Integrated roller casters. Shipping ramp and 3-in-1 vent adapters for quick installation.

Better with market leading efficiency and turn-down ranges for better energy effciiency and lower operating costs.

Smarter with large color touch-screen controls enabling enhanced diagnostics, trouble-shooting capability and remote monitoring

Technical Data

Model Max Input (MBH) Gross Output (MBH) Net AHRI Rating (MBH) Thermal Efficiency Max Working Pressure Turn Down Ratio Supply / Return Water Connections Gas Connection Size Air Intake / Exhaust Vent Diameter Length (in.) Width (in.) Height (in.) Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs.)
SVF 1000 1000 965 839 96.5% 160 10:1 3" Flange 1 1/4" NPT 6" 56.3" 30.2" 78.2" 1750

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