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Weil-McLain 2021 Training Webinars Schedule:

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Date Time (click on time to register) Series #1: High Level Only Description
3-Mar 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
Evergreen Pro Application This session is intended for anyone involved with the sales, installation and or service of High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler equipment, and seeking to gain basic knowledge regarding the features, benefits and residential applications using the Weil-McLain Evergreen Pro.  See why Evergreen Pro is the Professionals Choice!
10-Mar 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
Ultra  Application .Recently updated and improved, we will start with an overview of the features of the Ultra Series 4 including recent enhancements for improved longevity. We'll take a boiler tour of the various components and how they interact. We'll review numerous venting and piping options as well as look at the ease of field wiring. We'll take a look at the U-Control and its ability to operate three different system types based on priority while operating any combination of three circulator outputs. We'll finish up with some application examples and how to pipe, wire and control them.
17-Mar 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
GV90+ Application  Join us as we discuss the GV90+ including design, construction and operation.
24-Mar 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
ECO Tec Application  Our newest boiler, ECO Tec, is here and our experts are taking a look at its many great features including its fire tube heat exchanger and color touch screen controller with ability to operate three system priorities and up to five circulators.
31-Mar 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
Indirect Fired Water Heaters Gain a solid understanding of how to size, install and service Indirect Hot Water Heaters.
7-Apr 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
CI Applications Incld Oil See first-hand the features and benefits of the CG Series, EG Series, GO Series and Ultra Oil and what makes them the easy choice for a long-lasting boiler. 
    Series #2: Deeper Dive  
14-Apr 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
Ultra Series  After this session, you will have the ability to diagnosis the key components for troubleshooting the Ultra for more successful service calls. The class will identify the proper maintenance required to get the boiler back to optimum operation for your customer. This session is designed for any level of experience and will provide attendees with the skills to properly diagnosis and service the Ultra boiler. 
21-Apr 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
Evergreen Pro This session is intended for anyone involved with the sales, installation and or service of High Efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler equipment, and seeking to gain advanced knowledge regarding the construction, installation, set-up using the Evergreen Pro in residential applications.  See why Evergreen Pro is the Professionals Choice!
28-Apr 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
AB Relay Kit - System Pump Listen in as we discuss the AquaBalance and gain advanced knowledge on the construction, installation and set-up of AquaBalance in residential heating applications.
5-May 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
GV90+  Get insights from the pros as they present the GV90+ and take a deeper look into the components that make GV90+ a boiler that lasts.
12-May 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
ECO Tec - Controls  Join us for an in depth look at our new ECO Tec boiler’s intuitive, easy-to-use, color touch screen control as we navigate the various menus and start up wizard.  
19-May 8:00AM (EST)

6:00PM (EST)
ECO Tec - Service, Maintenance, Troubleshooting Learn more about the ECO Tec as our experts take a deeper dive into the operation of the boiler, providing service tips and troubleshooting instruction.