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SVF Stainless Vertical Firetube

Firetube performance, perfected.

Inquire About SVF

  • Industry-leading thermal efficiency up to 97.1%
  • Stainless steel, vertical firetube heat exchanger
  • Available in 750 & 1100 MBH sizes
  • 160 psi working pressure
  • Water | Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Modulating burner with 5:1 turn down ratio
  • Contractor-friendly ease of installation and service
    • Integrated shipping container/ramp
    • Industrial grade roller casters
    • Hinged cover plate allows for quick access to burner and firetubes
    • Open back, single-point installation access
  • PVC, CPVC, PP and SS (AL29-4C) materials approved for direct vent and direct exhaust
  • Full range of venting options
  • Low-NOx emissions down to <20 ppm
  • Removable and replaceable condensate tray
  • Advanced Unity control system with set-up wizard communicates with Evergreen, SlimFit, and SVF product families (70-2,000 MBH)
    • Lead/lag capability up to 8 boilers with lead boiler rotation
    • Remote connection using standard Modbus or optional BACnet/Lonworks
  • CSD-1 compliant standard feature