Important Information Regarding Flood Damaged Heating Equipment

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Heat a Church

November 3, 2015

Contractor Name

Joseph Hansen, Hansen Mechanical Inc. Villa Park Illinois

Job Location

Grace Church, Hinsdale, Illinois

Job Description

Removal of a 60-year-old two-pass fire tube boiler and installation of three LGB-6s

Facility & Load Requirement

Church operates only on weekends or during special events with the school being used only during the week. Since the major load was split almost in half conversely, this allowed us to aggressively decrease the maximum BTU consumption from 3.5 million on the fire tube to less than 2 million between the three staged LGBs.

Special Circumstances

The building was built around the original boiler. This made demolition very difficult with the only exit a 36” door at the base of an exterior set of stairs. The LGB was the perfect replacement since we were able to build the boilers in place.

Why Weil-McLain® Equipment

According to Joseph Hansen, “Weil-McLain has always given me the technical support needed for some of our more complicated jobs. Weil-McLain has been instrumental in my education, as we have proceeded into the times of primary secondary piping.”