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Case Studies

Weil-McLain SlimFit Boilers: An Eggcellent Solution for Washing Eggs

November 11, 2020

When Pine Valley Ranch in Spencerville, Ohio needed a consistent source of hot water to wash 600 cases of eggs an hour, they selected six Weil-McLain SlimFit 750 commercial high-efficiency hot water boilers.

SlimFit boilers have been serving the heating industry since 2009 with rugged, cast horizontal heat exchanger sections that provide thermal efficiencies up to 95.8% (SlimFit 1000 & 1500 models). Large water passageways make them ideal for commercial boiler retrofit applications where the water systems may not be in like new condition.    

First Residential Conversion in Calgary

December 12, 2019

A construction project in Calgary, Canada, called Cube, features several firsts. It’s the city’s first office-to-residential space conversion and real estate developer Strategic Group’s first re-purposing project. It’s also the first building in Canada to feature the latest advancement in condensing boiler heating technology from Weil-McLain. 

Cornell College Case Study

October 4, 2017
Cornell College was founded in 1853 by George Bryant Bowman, a minister from North Carolina with a passionate belief in higher education. The campus has a rich history with some of the original buildings on campus dating back to the 1860s. The entire campus is listed on the National Register...

Diamondhead Apartment Case Study

September 12, 2017
With failing boilers and increasing tenant complaints for more heat, a 32-unit apartment complex in Kingsford, Mich., required major upgrades to its heating system. High efficiency boilers from Weil-McLain...

Aquaponics Case Study

May 15, 2017
Shifting a career focus from soybeans and corn to tilapia and lettuce, the Goodenough family was in “unchartered waters” as they began a new venture into aquaponics farming. An advanced building control system featuring Weil-McLain Evergreen...

Elm Street School

January 19, 2017
With failing oil-fired boilers and an aging, inefficient heating system, Elm Street School in Gardner, Mass., turned to modulating boilers from Weil-McLain to spark energy efficiencies and lower heating costs for the school. Built in 1923, Elm Street first...

Belmont Harbor Condominiums

January 11, 2017

With a rapidly failing water heater, and an old, inefficient boiler, a 20-unit condominium building in Chicago required major upgrades to its heating system. High efficiency condensing boilers and indirect-fired water heaters from Weil-McLain provided the remedy needed.

“Our water heater was deteriorating rapidly and our boiler very old and inefficient,” said Mike Nowak, president of the board for the Belmont Harbor Condominium, a three story, 20-unit building on Chicago’s north side.

Walthers Residence

December 7, 2016

New Weil-McLain Boiler Installation Drives Home Energy Savings

The owner of a 2,800-square foot home in New Milford, Penn., was experiencing uneven heat throughout the residence, limited hot water and high utility costs. The installation of a new hydronic heating system helped drive home significant energy savings and ensure that “no place like home” feeling.

Saucon Valley Country Club Weyhill Guest House

November 23, 2016

Boiler Replacement Needs: A historic guest house at a Pennsyvania country club required replacement of a steam heating system. At 50 years old, the heating system was nearly as old as the country club and was failing. Facility needs included higher efficiency, longterm
cost savings, smart features and increased reliability.

Project Installation Date: September 2015

Type of Facility: 13-room bed and breakfast

Name of Building: Weyhill Guest House

Mendota Apartments

November 2, 2016

Boiler Replacement Needs: The Mendota, a historic apartment building in Washington, D.C., was heated by a 40-year-old gas steam boiler which fired all day long and never shut off. Building tenants reported that they either didn’t have enough heat or that it was too warm. The cost of natural gas annually had become an enormous expense, and as the heating system became less reliable over the years, the Mendota board of directors needed a better solution.