Important Information Regarding Flood Damaged Heating Equipment

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Get the Power of Radiant Heat

January 8, 2016

Get unmatched comfort when you combine a Weil-McLain® boiler with your radiant heat system.

Weil-McLain boilers can be used for space conditioning, floor warming, snow melting or other radiant heat applications. Radiant systems warm floors and objects around your home, creating a more comfortable balanced climate while keeping hardwood and tiles floors from becoming chilly.

Radiant heat products can also help relieve that daunting task of snow removal. Whether it is a driveway, sidewalk or porch, radiant heat can be designed to melt the snow and ice for a clear and safe path. With a Weil-McLain® boiler powering your radiant heat system, you can be sure your home will be comfortable for years to come.

Add a Weil-McLain indirect-fired water heater to the radiant system and ensure an abundant supply of domestic hot water while using only one energy source for better efficiency.