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gas-fired residential

EG Gas Boiler
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  • Comes with automatic vent damper for higher efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption
  • Easy access to controls for convenient servicing
  • Available with standing pilot or intermittent electronic ignition
  • A versatile gas cast iron boiler for water or steam applications
  • Cast iron heat exchanger
  • Up to 84% AFUE
ModelA.G.A. Input (MBH)PIDNSPDNSPDLDOE Heating Capacity (MBH)Net I=B=R Ratings (MBH)Min. Chimney Size
EG-30 Steam7583.081.082.662475" x 20'
EG-30 Water7584.382.284.262555" x 20'
EG-35 Steam10082.981.382.583625" x 20'
EG-35 Water10083.682.083.783735" x 20'
EG-40 Steam12582.981.583.2104786" x 20'
EG-40 Water12584.082.584.3104916" x 20'
EG-45 Steam15082.981.683.0125946" x 20'
EG-45 Water15083.582.484.01251106" x 20'
EG-50 Steam17582.881.983.71451097" x 20'
EG-50 Water17583.882.984.41451287" x 20'
EG-55 Steam20082.881.983.51671257" x 20'
EG-55 Water20083.882.584.21671467" x 20'
EG-65 Steam25083.082.082.82091578" x 20'
EG-65 Water25084.082.684.02091838" x 20'
EG-75 Steam3000.00.00.02401808" x 20'
EG-75 Water3000.00.00.02402098" x 20'
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