Important Information Regarding Flood Damaged Heating Equipment

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Heat a Residential Facility

November 3, 2015

Contractor Name

Bernie Salamie, Capital Climate Services, Hyattsville, Maryland

Job Location

St. Luke Institute, a private residential facility for clergy

Job Description

Removal of two 50 year-old triple pass fire tube gas/oil boilers and replace with eight Ultra Gas Boilers

Facility Square Footage & Load Requirement

Building covers over an acre, 3 million BTU

Special Circumstances

The facility was on an interruptible gas/oil plan with their local utility. To keep the plan savings, the new system was designed to satisfy 85% of the load with the Ultra boilers and 15% with an existing oil boiler.

Why Weil-McLain® Equipment

The Ultra Gas solves all the problems I have had with other low mass boilers. It is small, lightweight and it eliminates the noise and shaking from "steam engining."

Lessons Learned

My sales representative advised me to do primary-secondary piping, but I started in a different direction. After review, primary-secondary piping was the way to go, and it works great.