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Save today on Weil-McLain Indirect Fired Tanks and High Efficiency Boilers

Contractors, you can earn a $200 Visa gift card when you buy an Aqua Plus® Indirect Fired tank and a high-efficiency boiler at the same time from an authorized Weil-McLain distributor, by November 30, 2020.

Aqua Plus tank features

  • 316L stainless steel tank and coil design
  • Tanks are available in 35-105 gallon sizes
  • High-output heat exchanger
  • Advanced digital control
  • Fully passivated and welded design—no anode rod needed
  • Two-inch-thick, CFC-free foam insulation
  • 150 PSI T&P relief valve included

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Save today on Weil-McLain Indirect Fired Tanks and High Efficiency Boilers

This offer is valid to contractors on purchases made from 07/10/2020 – 11/30/2020. Weil-McLain may, at its sole discretion, terminate this program in whole or in part at any time. Standard Weil-McLain Terms and Conditions of Sales apply. All form submissions must be entered by 12/11/2020.

See eligible high-efficiency boilers below.

Eligible high-efficiency boilers

Eco Tec Boiler

Eco Tec Boiler
Product features  
  • Heat-only sizes: 80, 110, 150, 199 MBH
  • Natural or propane gas
  • Up to 5.4 GPM
  • Wall or floor standing options
  • Stainless steel firetube heat exchanger design
  • Unity 2.0 control with color touch screen
  • Easy installation with Setup Wizard
  • Common parts for easier service visits

AquaBalance Series 2

AquaBalance Series 2
Product features  
  • 95% AFUE energy efficiency
  • Available in 80, 120 and 155 Btu/Hr inputs sizes
  • Natural or Propane (LP) gas operation – shipped as NG, optional LP conversion kit available
  • 1" diameter ASME certified 316L stainless steel single tube heat exchanger – low pressure drop
  • 4 gallons per minute DHW 155 combi (70-degree rise)
  • Compact design – increases placement options
  • Heavy gauge insulated jacket – provides quiet operation
  • Contractor-friendly removable sides
  • Pre-wired, plug-in ready electrical design
  • Commercial grade 120V power 6' cord with 3 prong plug
  • 24 VAC thermostat relay, fuse protected with prewired terminal strip
  • Honeywell control with digital display
  • Wall mounting bracket and hardware
  • Unique "3-in-1" vent adapter – readily accepts PVC, CPVC, SS or PP vent materials
  • Multiple vent options – direct vent, 2 pipes or concentric, through roof or sidewall
  • Low NOx SCAQMD compliant

Ultra S4 Gas Boiler

Ultra S4 Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • Cast aluminum coated heat exchanger
  • Up to 94% DOE AFUE efficiency
  • Designed to operate in low temperature condensing applications
  • Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority
  • Modulates with 5:1 turn-down ratio
  • High grade stainless steel burner features quiet operation
  • U-Control gives you the power for easy set-up and maintenance:
    • Multiple set-up and zone options
    • System sensing recognizes system and outdoor temperatures
    • Temperature management for up to three different set-points
    • Control multiple boilers from a single control panel
    • Standard screen messages provide service alerts and maintenance reminders

GV90+ Gas Boiler

GV90+ Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • 91% AFUE efficient
  • Durable cast iron primary heat exchanger
  • Condensing stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Unique 7 pass heat exchanger design maximizes heat transfer
  • Vents with PVC
  • Multiple ventilation options (direct vent, direct exhaust, concentric)
  • Easy conversion to propane (kit included)

WM97+ CT Wall Mount Gas Boiler

WM97+ CT Wall Mount Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • 70,000, 110,000 & 155,000 BTU input models at 95% AFUE
  • Stylish, compact wall mount design for easy installation, service and maintenance
  • Unique condensing stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger design
  • Built-in boiler circulator
  • Built-in primary/secondary piping option
  • Pre-wired terminal strip for quick and easy electrical connections
  • Convenient indirect-fired water heater connection
  • Capable to vent with PVC, PP and SS up to 100'
  • Multi-color LCD display with text - no codes
  • CT - Condensing Technology - 5 to 1 turndown ratio
  • AquaLogic indirect fired water heater compatible

ECO Wall Mount Gas Boiler

ECO Wall Mount Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • Class-leading 70,000, 110,000, and 155,000 BTUH models
  • Exceeds Energy Star requirements at 95% AFUE efficiency rating
  • Durable stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger
  • Streamlined design configurable for installation
  • Display can be mounted on the boiler or wall (up to 2’ away)
  • Components positioned for fast and easy service
  • Multiple vent configurations and material options
  • Optional accessories to match virtually any installation

Evergreen Gas Boiler

Evergreen Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • Stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with non-metallic base
  • Floor standing boiler with optional wall mount kit
  • Available in six sizes (MBH): 70, 110, 155, 220, 299, 399
  • Modulating condensing boiler
  • 95% AFUE (70-299); 96.5% combustion efficiency (399)
  • Four pump/auxiliary outputs (example: one boiler loop pump + three zone pumps)
  • Up to eight multiple boiler control with lead/lag rotation
  • Modbus® to BMS connectivity
  • Each input can be assigned to a priority (up to three)
  • Multiple inputs can be assigned one priority (zone-based control)
  • All lag boiler inputs and outputs can be used
  • 0 to 10-volt input (modulation or set point)
  • Configurable auxiliary input/output system
  • Boiler circulator included (ECM version with 70-155)

SVF Stainless Vertical Firetube

Evergreen Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • Industry-leading thermal efficiency up to 97.1%
  • Stainless steel, vertical firetube heat exchanger
  • Available in 750, 1000, 1100, 1500, 2000, 2500 & 3000 MBH
  • 160 psi working pressure
  • Water boiler with natural gas and propane fuel options
  • Modulating burner with 5:1 turn down ratio (*Model dependent)
  • Contractor-friendly ease of installation and service
  • PVC, CPVC, PP and SS (AL29-4C) materials approved for direct vent and direct exhaust
  • Full range of venting options
  • Low-NOx emissions down to <20 ppm
  • Removable and replaceable condensate tray
  • Advanced Unity control system with built-in set-up wizard (70–3000 MBH compatible)
  • CSD-1 compliant standard feature

SlimFit Commercial Condensing Gas Boilerr

SlimFit Commercial Condensing Gas Boiler
Product features  
  • Series 2 and Series 3 available
  • Up to 95.8% Thermal Efficiency
  • Up to 96.1% Combustion Efficiency
  • 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 BTU/HR for Series 2 and 550,000 to 750,000 BTU/HR for Series 3
  • Modulating Burner with 6:1 Turndown Ratio for Series 2 and Modulating Burner with 5:1 Turndown Ratio for Series 3
  • Fast & Easy Out of the Box Installation
  • Lightweight, Compact Design Requires Minimal Clearance
  • Low Nox Certified < 20 PPM
  • CSD-1 Compliant is Standard Feature
  • Approved for Common Venting
  • PVC, CPVC, PP or SS (AL29-4C) Materials Approved for Direct Vent and Direct Exhaust
  • Fully Customizable Outdoor Reset Curve
  • Lead/Lag Capability up to 8 Boilers with Lead Boiler Rotation
  • Remote Connection Using Standard Modbus or Optional BACNET / Lonworks
  • High limit temperature control with maximum 200 degree F manual reset

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