Discontinued Products

Download discontinued product support instructions and information.

66 Boiler
P66HE/B66HE/A66HE Series 3 Boiler Manual
Parts List
68 Boiler
68/68V Boiler Manual
Parts List
78 Boiler
Boiler Manual
Parts List
86 Boiler
Erecting Manual
Operating Manual
Parts List
88 Series 1 Boiler
Boiler Manual
Silicone Sealant Addendum
Specifications in pdf
Parts List
AHE Boiler
Boiler Manual
Altitude Conversion
Information Manual
Parts List
Series 3 - Fenwal 05-21 Ignition/Sensing Control System
Series 3 - Fenwal 05-31 Ignition/Sensing Control System
Wiring Diagrams
Series 2 - White-Rodgers Cycle Pilot Ignition/Sensing Control System
CE/CER/PER Electric
CE Boiler Manual
CER Boiler Manual
PER Boiler ManualAll Electric Parts List
Wiring Diagrams
CE Series 2 - 208/60/1 or 240/60/1 Power Supply
CE Series 2 - 208/60/3 or 240/60/3 Power Supply
CER Series 2 - 208/60/1 or 240/60/1 Power Supply
CER Series 2 - 208/60/3 or 240/60/3 Power Supply
PER Series 3 - 208/60/1 or 240/60/1 Power Supply
CG/CGM Boiler
CG Series 11 CGX Series 1 Manual
CG Series 12 CGX Series 2 Manual
CGM PCG Series 8 Manual
CGM PCG Series 9 Manual
CGM Series 10 Manual
PCG CG Installation
PCG CG Operating
PCG CGM Series 6 Installation
PCG CGM Series 7 Installation
Startup Service Maintenance
All CG Parts List
CG Series 12 Gas Control Supplement
CG Series 12 UCS Gas Control Supplement
CGa Boiler
CGa Boiler Manual Series 1
CGa Boiler Manual Addendum Series 1
CGa Users Manual Series 1
CGi Boiler
CGi Series 1
CGi User Manual Series 2
CGi-4E Boiler Manual Series 2 - French
CGi Boiler Manual Series 2 - French
CGi-4E Boiler Manual Series 2
CGi Boiler Manual Series 2
CGs Brochure
CGs Boiler Manual
CGs-4E Boiler Manual
CGs User Manual
CGs Boiler Manual - French
CGs-4E Boiler Manual - French
CGs User Manual - French
EG PEG Series 1 EGH Series 2 Boiler Manual
EG PEG EGH Series 3 Boiler Manual
EG Parts List
EGH Parts List
EG, PEG, EGH Boiler Manual - Series 4
EG, PEG, EGH User Manual - Series 4
EG Universal Control Supplement
EG Standing Pilot Control Supplement
GO Series 1 & 2
WGO Series 1 Boiler Manual
WGO WTGO SGOW Maintenance And Service Guide
WGO WTGO SGOW Series 2 Maintenance And Service Guide
WTGO Series 2 Installation
GV Boiler
Series 1 Boiler Manual
Series 1 Control Suppliment
Series 2 Boiler Manual
Series 1 & 2 Users Manual
Gv Series 1 & 2 Parts List
Series 3 Boiler Manual
Series 3 Users Manual
Series 3 Condensate Line
Series 3 Direct Vent
Series 3 FasNSeal
Series 3 Safe T Vent 3"
Series 3 Safe T Vent 4"
Series 3 StaR 34
Series 3 ZVent II
GV Series 3 Parts List
GV Series 4
GV Series 4 Manual
Block Assembly Replacement Instructions
Blower Burner Replacement
Blower Motor Replacement
Condensate Instructions Check Valve Instructions
Series 3 & 4 Venting 3"
Series 3 & 4 Direct Vent/Through Roof/Unused Chimney
Series 3 & 4 FasNSeal Vent
Fill-Trol Instructions
Front Section Replacement
Section Replacement
Gas Air Manifold
Gas Conversion Kit
Series 4 Gas Valve Replacement
High Altitude Kit
Series 3 & 4 Saf-T Vent 3"
Series 3 & 4 StaR-34 Vent 3"
Series 3 & 4 Z Vent
GV Parts List
HE Boiler
HE Series 2 Brochure
HE Series 2 Boiler Manual
HE Series 3 Brochure
HE Series 3 Boiler Manual
HE VHE Homeowner Info
HE VHE Users Manual
HE VHE Series 2 Natural Gas
HE VHE Series 3 HSI
HE VHE Series 3 HSI Supplement
HE VHE Series 3 Natural Gas
HE VHE WR Series 2 Propane
HE VHE WR Series 3 Propane
VHE Series 3 Manual
Parts List
HE II Boiler
Boiler Manual
User's Manual
HSI Gas Control Supplement
Parts List
PFG Series 6
PFG Series 6 Brochure
PFG Series 6 Boiler Manual
PFG Series 6 Specs in pdf
Ultra Oil
Ultra Oil - Series 1 Manual
Ultra Oil - Series 1 Addendum
Ultra Oil - Series 2 Manual
Ultra Series 2
Boiler Manual - please see the Control Supplement Revised 2010 below
Specifications in pdf
Antifreeze Supplement
User's Manual
Vent Supplement
Vent Supplement
Concentric Vent Supplement
Control Supplement -Revised 2010
Control Addendum Interface Kit
Wall Mounting
Multiple Boiler Systems (MBS)
MBS Alarm Module Instructions
Remote AM4 Modulation Control
Natural to Propane Gas Conversion
Altitude Conversion - Over 5500 feet
Gasket Replacement - Series 1 & 2
Technical Literature
Freeze Protection
Ultra Gas Series 3
Boiler Manual (Installation Manual)
User Manual
Easy-Up Manifold
Ultra Series 3 Registration Card
Manual Addendum - Venting
Manual Addendum - Venting - French
Suggested Specifications - UE
Ultra Series 3 CT Boiler Manual
User's Manual
WM97+ CT Manual
WM97+ CT User's Manual
Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner Full Line Catalog
13 SEER R-22 Brochure
13 SEER R-22 Manual
13 SEER R-410a Brochure
13 SEER R-410a Manual
14 SEER R-22 Brochure
14 SEER R-22 Manual
Horizontal Cooling Coil Brochure
Horizontal Cooling Coil Installation Instructions
Multi-position Cooling Coil Brochure
Multi-position Installation Instructions
Uncased Cooling Coil Brochure
Uncased Cooling Coil Instructions
Vertical Cased Cooling Coil Brochure
Vertical Cased Cooling Coil Installation Instructions
Air Handlers
Air Handler Full Line Catalog
Hydronic Heating & Cooling Air Handler Manual
Hydronic Heating Air Handler Manual
Indirect-Fired Water Heater Manual
Furnace Full Line Catalog
80% All Position Furnace Brochure
80% All Position Manual
90% Down-flow/Horizontal Furnace Brochure
90% Down-flow/Horizontal Furnace Manual
90% Up-flow Furnace Brochure
90% Up-flow Furnace Manual
Gold Plus, Plus & Ultra Plus Tanks
Indirect-Fired Water Heater Manual
Troubleshooting Guide