EGH Commercial Gas Boiler

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EGH Commercial Gas Boiler
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  • Medium capacity cast iron commercial gas boiler
  • Combination Gas Valve and Regulator
  • Non-Linting Pilot Burner
  • Available in Water or Steam
  • Factory Assembled Section Block
  • Horizontal to Vertical Draft Hood
  • Aluminized Steel Burners
  • Insulated extended steel jacket
  • Ideal for large homes, apartments and small commercial applications
ModelA.G.A. Input (MBH)DOE Heating Capacity (MBH)Net I=B=R Ratings: Steam (Sq. Ft.)Net I=B=R Ratings: Steam (MBH)Net I=B=R Ratings: Water (MBH)Min. Chimney Size
EGH-853492808752102439" x 20'
EGH-95400320100024027810" x 20'
EGH-105450360112527031310" x 20'
EGH-115500400125030034812" x 20'
EGH-125550440137533038312" x 20'